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Calef Lake Camping Area
593 Chester Rd.
Auburn, NH 03032
(603) 483-8282

Calef Lake Camping Area
Rules and Conditions

  1. No activities which interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the park by other occupants shall be permitted
  2. No commercial activity within the campground
  3. Quiet pets are welcome but must be restrained at all times - Clean up after them and do not leave unattended - Barking dogs will be asked to leave (second warning)
  4. Quiet hours 11:00 pm to 7:00 am - Please locate at one site after 11:00 pm - No roaming around the grounds - All outside radios and televisions must be off by 11:00 pm
  5. Children shall not play in or around the toilet buildings or at the water faucets
  6. Guests must check in at the office before entering the campground - The registered Camper may assume payment of guest fees, otherwise the guest will be charged per day/overnight at the guest rate stated on our Rates page - It is the campers responsibility to inform their guests of the rules and conditions
  7. Motorcycles allowed with prior permission given by management
  8. One car per site - All others in parking lot - Second car allowed on site for a minimal fee
  9. Refunds with a fourteen day notice of cancellation - No rain checks
  10. Check in time 2:00 pm - Check out 1:00 pm
  11. No cutting trees or vegetation without permission
  12. Fires must be kept low and attended at all times - No burning of trash, construction debris, or pallets will be allowed
  13. Please, no nails in trees
  14. Bicycles must be back to the campsite 30 minutes before dark
  15. Swimming at the unguarded beach is at your own risk and children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times
  16. No dogs or bicycles on the beach
  17. For your own safety! Do not swim alone - Swim during daylight only
  18. Calef Lake assumes no responsibility for minors left unattended and reserves the right to let such a situation occur
  19. No Fireworks
  20. The management reserves the right to refuse service to or evict any individual for any reason (including, but not limited to, non-compliance with the rules or posted signs)
  21. Customer property will be considered abandoned if left at Calef Lake for thirty days from the ending date of any paid occupancy period - Hence, Calef Lake will assume custody of property remaining unattended (fees unpaid for occupancy of property if property is a camping trailer or RV) after thirty days and will legally dispose of such property as outlined in State of New Hampshire RSA 471-C:19 Report of Abandoned Property


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